Demo Audio

The World of Pan     Ave Maria Bach - Gounod      Specific Phrases (Sārba, Brāu, Doina, Blues)

Note: these demo songs were played on keyboard only!
They sound as natural as being played on a real panflute.
Author: Cătălin Răsvan


    Cătălin Tīrcolea is a graduate of the Music Academy - Composition Section. He has worked as Arranger, Composer and Instrumentalist.

    Cătălin Tīrcolea has given many concerts, and was also a special guest to various TV shows worldwide, such as: RONDUIT TOURNEE and TED SHOW in the Netherlands, THE HANK PLANTE SHOW in Houston, Texas, USA, OBJECTION TV Show broadcast by the TBS Network of Tokyo, Japan.

    He worked together with numerous renowned musicians: Ramon TAVERNIER, Kurt HAUENSTEIN (Supermax), Rick van der LINDEN (Ekseption) - 3 albums, Luis BACALOV, as well as with music producers: PETER HAUKE, JACK LANCASTER, ROB & FERDI BOLLAND. Catalin Tircolea’s discography is currently made up of 18 albums.

    In Japan, Cătălin Tīrcolea worked with YAMAHA, producing the first three-dimensional audio recording, which was presented by Yamaha at the 1990 Autumn Fair held in Tokyo. He also worked with KORG, taking part to several sampling sessions for databases (Pan Flute), such sounds being used for the renowned keyboards produced by the Company.

„...I played each sound, each phrase, each note not as if it were for a sampler, but as if I was playing live, in the concert of my life. My soul was in it completely, and that was easily noticeable.
We should keep in mind the fact that Pan Flute is a diatonic instrument. In relation to Pan Flute’s phenomenology, one could say that the Pan Flute was the first musical instrument ever created, given that the first to blow on a wind-broken stalk of reed was the wind itself. The Pan Flute is one of the few instruments, maybe the only one, which was not man-made, its current shape and attunement (made by beeswax) being the same for thousands and thousands of years ..."

Cătălin Tīrcolea



    Cătălin Răsvan is a graduate of the Music Academy – Composition, Musicology, Jazz – Light Music Section. He has worked as Arranger, Composer and Instrumentalist.

    Cătălin Răsvan has given many concerts, working together with famous musicians such as: Tom SMITH, Rick CONDITT, Christian Ancher GRON, Peter WERTHAIMER, Graig BAYLEY, Stjepko GUT, Nicolas SIMION etc .)

    He worked as demo musician for ROLLAND.

Why did I make this disc?

    „... One day, I was in need of a genuine Pan Flute sound, so I searched through the sound bases, but I didn’t manage to find the right one, on neither of the sound modules. Therefore, I said to myself I had to get in touch with a prestigious Pan Flute player. In the end, Cătălin Tīrcolea was the musician of my choice. When I heard him playing, those sounds of an unearthly beauty cast a spell on me, I was sent to a dreamland, forgetting where I was and why I was there. I forgot the reason why I had invited him to come over, I did not remember what I was planning to do – the time stood still. I was in a trance. When I returned to Earth, I had a revelation: the idea struck me to create databases collecting the sounds produced by that fabulous player, so that the magical resonances be available to other studio musicians as well. I made the proposal to him right away, and he accepted in a blink, being himself a studio musician and realising the significance of such a collection for professionals like us.
After days of titanic work, the dream became true. The collection was created. And it was so accomplished, that it surpassed all expectations. When you use the Pan Flute sounds of this collection, you get the feeling that the player himself is there playing only for you, only two meters away from you…”

Cătălin Răsvan

„We hope that this disc meets the expectations of the thousands of Pan Flute fans, as well as those of the potential users of this instrument, for various projects. Over time, I noticed that the studio musicians lack the Pan Flute resonances. They are present, of course, on many sound modules, on various sound volumes etc., but there is no individual disc to put this instrument forward, and to render genuine Pan Flute sounds for the listener. Thus, we had the idea to record this disc, meant to include both the most representative sound bases, and phrase bases for this fascinating, but extremely demanding instrument.
The disc includes the most important articulations of this music-producing object, the Pan Flute being a versatile instrument, able to approach a broad range of music styles and genres. Thus, the DVD comprises: (Long Note, Crescendo, Vibrato, Wild Vibrato, Frullato, Portamento, Staccato etc.), but also special effects (chirping), the Pan Flute being the only instrument capable of such performances.
The The Essence of Pan Flute offers 1166 Samples, each in both 24-bit and 16-bit versions.
Moreover, the disc includes musical phrases specific to Eastern Europe (Romania), in the particular tones and tempo, as well as classical – baroque musical phrases, end even blues ones.

It could be stated that the selection of this disc – when the Pan Flute is needed – might as well be a definitive one, given that it was created at the highest quality standards, without any compromises, and thus it meets the most exigent needs, requirements and – why not? – the most demanding expectations.
This is a product made by musicians for musicians”.

The Authors